1. What is coworking?
  2. Is it noisy?
  3. How much privacy do I get?
  4. Is it safe to leave my things?
  5. What are the benefits of coworking?


1.What is coworking?

Coworking can be described as many individuals and/or businesses sharing the same workplace. As a coworking office space provider in North Acton, London, I have a large open planned office space and then provide entrepreneurs, startups and small business with shared office space.

Shared office space

2. Is it noisy?

No more noisier than any normal office. When you work for yourself and you at the early stages of growth, your focus is for your work. Most of the people I have met that cowork, are driven, energetic and focused so from time things may sound busy. We have an exciting environment but people are respectful and mindful of others.

coworking games room
Breakout area

3. How much privacy do I get?

Most coworking offices I have been to have dedicated desk space. At Co Work Hub, you will  have your own dedicated fixed desk, storage and chair. We have meeting rooms and areas people can use if they temporarily need privacy. The office is very secure and we encourage a sharing culture.

Large allocated desk space

4. Is it safe to leave my things?

You will be allocated a lockable pedestal to store your things. People can also bring in their own office furniture if they ask. There is CCTV both within the office and surrounding the building. We have manned reception and when reception isn’t here you will need a key fob.

Meeting room
Co Work Hub meeting room

5. What are the benefits of coworking?

When you start a new business, it is really helpful when others are going through the same process. You can not only shared experiences and also ideas. I have seen businesses grow quicker in coworking offices than they would have if they rented a private office. We encourage a sharing culture because it creates a community spirit where people help each other. It really does work and it does help improve your business. There are regular networking events at Co Work Hub, West London.

Networking pic




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