It was always my intention to have excellent and bright meeting rooms; I just never thought they would be so popular. Our rooms are large, bright due to the large windows, regulated temperature due to the air con units and comfortable due to the modern furniture. Because we are a coworking office, we get some really interesting people using our meeting rooms in North Acton. We have had actor auditions, first aid courses, cooking blogs and even international networking events live on periscope. The most important thing is having the right facilities to make the right meeting room space happen. The problem is finding the right facilities to make it happen. I have searched over 200 properties over one year to find the right office space that could not only provide first class coworking or hot-desking space, but also could have the potential of excellent meeting room space. I was really lucky to find my office space in North Acton in the heart of West London. The location is only 5 minutes from North Acton tube station and just off the A40 motorway. It is so true what they say about location. It is essential.

Once you have your affordable meeting rooms, it is essential you decorate them to the best of your ability. At Co Work Hub, we really pushed the boat out. We not only made the technology first class but made each individual room have its own character. Furnishing the rooms can be costly but it will be worth it once you impress your clients with superb facilities. I went to many furniture showrooms, looked through loads of interior design books, and used loads of meeting rooms to get an idea what would work. I had a rough theme in my head of what I wanted to see and stretched them down. Pinterest became my most used app during my creative process but to be honest, your budget will dictate what you can buy and who you can hire to make it happen. I wrote a questionnaire about meeting rooms and went to creative spaces to ask people what they wanted to see in a meeting room. Number one thing was internet. Without free internet people will not use it. Location is the second most important thing, and then price is third. People assumed it would be affordable if it was in a coworking space in West London.

Meeting rooms get used so much by our coworking member because they are free. External clients use them because they are cheap and because we have so many. Basically we can cater for all type of numbers. It is so rewarding knowing that all the hard work is now paying off and repeat clients are still booking our meeting rooms. Meeting room hire is now an essential part of our business due to their popularity.


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